Shining Rock Poetry Anthology

Issue 6, Winter/Spring 2018 Table of Contents

1.)  A Retrospective Essay by Kate Daniels
2.)  Notes on Editing Louisiana Literature, by Jack Bedell
3.)  Poems from In June the Labyrinth, by Cynthia Hogue
4.)  Portfolio of Emily Dickinson cartoons, by Rosanna Bruno
5.)  "Stung," a poem, by Heid Erdrich
6.)  Poems from Madwoman, by Shara McCallum
7.)  A Conversation Between Fleda Brown and Rebecca McClanahan
8.)  "Letter To A Poet," a poem by Jeanne Walker
9.)  Notes on Editing at The Citron Review by Eric Steineger
10.)  "Midnight to Eight," a poem by David Salner


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