Shining Rock Poetry Anthology

Katharine Coles' You Won't Find Consolation

or. The deer, nearly
Color blind, see blue

Better than we do, more

Blue than we know, a blue

I am not consoled

Lives beyond me. Imagine

Their sky, saturated, how
Do they bear it, and

The alpine lake where

They drink in summer, glacier-

Fed, reflecting back it all back
Plus.  Consider

The glacier, blue at heart deep-
Frozen for millennia, blue

Its core and vanishing

In your lifetime. A rush,

A trickle, this is how
It goes? Around the lake,

Boulders harden themselves. 
Green firs. And there, a perfect

Center, the lake's clear,
Unreadable eye.

Katharine Coles' seventh collection of poems, Wayward, was published by Red Hen Press in 2019.  She is also the author of The Stranger I Become: On Walking, Looking and Writing (2021), from Joan Books.

The reprint rights to "You Won't Find Consolation" have been granted by Coles.  The poem above first appeared on the Poem-a-Day page at (December 17, 2019). 

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