Shining Rock Poetry Anthology


The anthology will be on hiatus after the spring/summer issue 11, coming out in 2022.  It will be another 2 years, (2024) at minimum, for the next issue.

The Anthology is intentionally small, to include very exceptional work mostly from poets with national reputations.  The editors find and select that work in order to present the very best poetry they can find, a poetry that reflects their tastes. 

The editors look for poetry that reflects the range of our aesthetic.
 We are not reading ANY UNSOLICITED SUBMISSIONS.  WE HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO KEEP UP WITH UNSOLICITED SUBMISSIONS AND FOR THIS, WE APOLOGIZE.  Chances are, that if you have submitted work, we were never able to read it, given our other responsibilities.   

If you would like to propose a book review, please inquire.  We are looking for reviewers.  Include your credentials and a sample book review.  Our reviews are generally 4-5 pages, double-spaced.

Vanessa Loh is our Book Review editor

For inquiries, write to

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