Shining Rock Poetry Anthology

Table of Contents, Issue 11

1.   Three Poems by Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
2.   "Trojan" by Jericho Brown
3.   "Lingonberry Jam" by Henri Cole
4.   Three Poems by Joseph Bathanti
5.   Essay: The Genesis of The Asheville Poetry ReviewOne Editor's Journey
      by Keith Flynn
6.   Five Poems by Milhaela Moscaliuc
7.   "At Villeneuve-les-Maguelone" by Rosanna Warren
8.   "Cooling Board Blues" by Scott Hightower
9.   "Marathon" and commentary, by Heather Thomas
10. "Extinction Laserpicium" by A.E. Stallings
11. "When Love" by Alicia Ostriker
12. "Red Dress" by Sarah Arvio
13. "The Comb-Bearers" by Daniel Mark Epstein
14. A Conversation Between Cleopatra Mathis and Allison Funk, with poems
       at end of article
15. "March" by Jennifer Grotz
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