Shining Rock Poetry Anthology

"Lingonberry Jam" by Henri Cole

What a wondrous thing to suddenly be alive
eating Natalie's lingonberry jam from Alaska,
where she picked the fruit herself with one seeing eye.
In this tumultuous world we're living in--
with the one-hour news loop--my thoughts
linger, more and more, on the darkish side
as I sit at the table with Mr. & Mrs. Spork,
who still ask me, Are you married yet?
But Natalie's lingonberry jam pierces right
through into some deep, essential place,
where I am my own master and no sodomy
laws exist, and where, like a snowflake,
or a bee lost amid the posies, I feel
autonomous, blissed-out, and real.

Henri Cole's most recent volume is Blizzard.

"Lingonberry Jam" from BLIZZARD by Henri Cole. Copyright © 2020 by Henri Cole.
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